There aren’t many rules and the ones we have are mostly common sense. The main goal of our RP is to have fun, so just follow a few simple rules and we can get started!

  1. The less out of character posts the better.
    ~ We admit to having more ooc posts than most RPs, but do try to avoid it when you can!
  2. Plan big plots that involve other characters in advance.
    ~ Mostly, we just want to make sure you actually consult other people that may be involved before diving in. Don’t make anyone else’s characters do anything unless they do it themselves.
  3. Proper grammar and spelling.
    ~ Learn it, live it, love it.
  4. No fighting!
    ~ We’re one big happy RP family, so don’t pick any fights! But in character drama is encouraged, of course. 
  5. Please stay active.
    ~ If you do not update for over a week without any warning in advance, your character will be available again. We understand that you may have to take a break from time to time and we totally get it. Just give us a little head’s up?
  6. You do not need to reserve a character before applying.
    ~ But you certainly can if you want. Just remember, reserves run out after three days. 
Posted: 3 years ago
It's the year 1979. The Marauders have all graduated and Hogwarts is still mourning their absence. But life goes on and the students still have more memories to make. Do you?

Admins: Rowan & Hannah

Mod: Laura

SMAE: Indie & Anna

Marauder's Era